Dog Massage Keeps Spondylosis at Bay


14 Years Old

Shih Tzu-Poodle

Yoshi’s People: Jeremy and Angie

Yoshi has been a family dog her whole life, and currently loving life as an “only child”. Some of her favorite things to do is go for walks, snuggle and she is a fierce protector of Angie. Her size doesn’t matter to this little dog! She is a protector at heart. Once, Yoshi even saved another dog from being attacked by a raccoon. She ran up and wrangled the raccoon off the other dog, making enough havoc to encourage the raccoon to leave. Thankfully, the other dog got away safely and only needed a couple of stitches.

Yoshi on the beach

Yoshi on the beach

Yoshi used to go to work with Jeremy and spend her days greeting customers or napping in the display cabinets. Now, she hangs out at home more than the store so she can be with Angie and fit in all her appointments. Like many of our clients, Yoshi “might” just have a busier calendar than most people because Jeremy and Angie take such good care of her and make sure she gets the best of everything she needs.

Yoshi was diagnosed with a degenerative back disease about 3 1/2 years ago. Angie said, ” We were told she would always be on pain medicine, and at some point there was a possibility that she could become paralyzed – from even just jumping down from the sofa.” Along with continuing Yoshi’s daily walks, Angie and Jeremy placed pet stairs on all of the sofas, chairs and beds in the house to minimize her jumping, and started her on massage therapy and cold laser therapy immediately. They felt the massage therapy yielded better results for her, so her massages were increased to two sessions a week. Since then, Yoshi has been able to minimize the amount of pain medicine, now taking it on an as-needed basis, which is on average only a couple times a month. She is doing amazing! Jeremy said, “at a recent checkup, her doctor told us that Yoshi has done the best out of any dog she has seen with the same condition and that she is doing remarkably well for having her disease for so long already!” X-rays showed that the progress of Yoshi’s disease has slowed to almost standstill. We at Animal Intuition are so pleased with her results and happy that we are helping her stay mobile and healthy. Her people say, “Yoshi loves her massages, and greets Jenny every Tuesday & Friday with the same enthusiasm with which she greets us! She even helps her massage along by changing positions to ensure Jenny can massage all her sore spots! After her massages, she always goes to take a drink of water and then settles down for long naps. Massage therapy has kept her happy & healthy!” We love Yoshi too and she is a joy to treat!

Angie and Jeremy say, “Try massage therapy for your dog! We can’t recommend it enough, it has, with absolute certainty, helped Yoshi live a longer, happier & healthier life.”

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