About Us

We are all about the comfort and wellbeing of your animals and how we can help them have a happy, carefree life while supporting you along their journey.

Our passion for healing, strengthening the human-animal bond formed with your beloved animals, and supporting the relationships you have with your animal companions is what drives us to keep reaching out to help others like you. We will help bring out the best in your animal companions physically, emotionally, mentally, and even behaviorally.

Animal Intuition offers integrative wellness options for animals including equine and canine massage, Reiki, animal communication, acupressure and aromatherapy using therapeutic-grade essential oils. We perform these services for your animal companions and we are also here to teach you how to incorporate many these modalities into your life through classes, clinics and demonstrations. We tend to help cats, dogs and horses the most, but can provide supportive care for other animals as well.

Our goal is really to provide you – the animal’s partner and guardian- with a variety of natural options so that together we can help them live a healthier life. We are not here to replace standard veterinary care for your pets, but we believe our services enhance their care.  A combination of vet care and our services can be powerful and effective in preventing and managing the wellness of your animals.

About Animal Intuition

About the Founder

Jenny Gott, Animal Intuition's founder, has always had animal companions in her life.  She feels blessed to have had grandparents with a humble Arabian horse ranch in Minnesota, which introduced her to all types of animals. Being at the ranch, Jenny found she had a natural appreciation and unconditional love for animals, giving her the drive and passion to help be their voice. 

She has been helping animals with alternative and holistic care options since 2005. In her teenage years she found that health and healing were to be part of her journey. Her background in healthcare, along with her lifestyle choices, gave her the ambition to continue her education and training in holistic care for animals. 

Jenny has developed practical experience that allows her to identify behavior, emotional and physical issues and provide alternative care options for your animal companions, specializing in cats, dogs and horses. She works intuitively on all levels through dog massage, horse massage, Reiki and animal communication.   



Bachelors of Science in Business Administration
University of Minnesota
Graduate of the Minnesota Management Academy
Carlson School of Management Executive Development Center, University of MN

Herbal Therapy Certification

Pet CPR & First Aid Certified

Reiki Master
Level I, II & III Certification
Associates of Liberal Arts
Inver Hills Community College
Animal Communication
Level I & II
Certified Animal Massage Therapist

She actively continues her education in related fields for animal health, healing, and care. Jenny has taken death/hospice seminars, classes on healing modalities, essential oils, raw feeding and more. She is a Young Living Distributor (Distributor # 925420) for therapeutic-grade essential oils, nutritional supplements and body care items that can be used for both animals and people.