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Hope During Hospice For Pets

Emily, my little black rescue pit bull inspired this pet hospice program. She was sweet, loving and the best girl dog ever. She will forever remain in many hearts and she gets to live on through this program. If she were here today, she would give you a huge hug and let you know that even when things aren't "OK" that you will find your way through this difficult time. Find your strength in love. You can read her tribute if you're so inspired to learn a bit more about her.

This program is for HOPE during hospice for you and your pets. It's here to help you navigate through your pet's senior years while providing healing treatments and special resources specific to hospice and end of life care for your pet. If you want support, encouragement and understanding during your journey with your pets, then you've come to the right place.  

Emily's Path Pet Hospice: Frequently Asked Questions

There are no rules about how old your pet has to be or any specific criteria about their health. Often enrollments occur when:

  • Senior pet
  • Visible signs of degeneration
  • Terminal Diagnosis
  • Cancer or other life threatening ailment

Whether it's your first pet or your 100th pet, facing their mortality never gets easier. You can make a choice about how to spend their golden years; worrying or embracing the time you have with them. While there will inevitably be moments of stress and heartache, Emily's Path is here to help guide you through those moments, then lift you back up so you can focus on the present and enjoy your time with your loved animal companion. It won't always be easy, but it can be easier traveling down this path with someone compassionate, experienced and knowledgeable about pet care and pet loss.


In addition to the cat, horse or dog massage, Reiki and animal communication healing sessions we offer as part of Animal Intuition, this Pet Hospice Program will help you embrace your time together, release the stress and anxiety associated with their diagnosis's or waning be it physical, mental and/or emotional. Being we have already helped hundreds, if not thousands of pet parents through this chapter, we have a ton of valuable resources and connections specific to hospice care for your pet to help you navigate each step of the way. Supplements, food changes, CBD Oil other holistic care providers, end of life services, educational resources, tools to implement to enhance what time you have with your pet and more.

It's apparent that you love our pets and wish they could stay with you forever, but we also know that there will come a time that we have to say goodbye. That's the cycle of life. And it's something that we signed up for the moment we chose them. It's likely the hardest chapter you'll endure with them AND it can also be one of the most amazing. That's what we're her to help you achieve; the best quality of life for your pet, while we help you guide you along this path.

Until then, Emily's Path will encourage and inspire you to embrace your time together and choose love and laughter.

To apply for this program, please fill out this form and you'll be contacted shortly. To be eligible for this program you can reside anywhere in the United States of America. Phone, Zoom and if local, in person sessions are available.

To be seen in person for Emily's Path Pet Hospice Program, you can to travel to our Eden Prairie, MN or Andover, MN offices, or be located in the Twin Cities, Minnesota local area for mobile visits.

Mobile appointments are offered in Eden Prairie, Wayzata, Chanhassen, Minnetonka, Edina, Bloomington, Richfield, Eagan, Savage, Burnsville, Apple Valley, Lakeville, Prior Lake, Credit River and Elko/New Market. Please inquire about home visits if you are outside this radius and located within the Twin Cities, MN.

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