Emily's Path Pet Hospice Program FAQs

Emily’s Path Pet Hospice Program FAQs

Emily’s Path Pet Hospice Program FAQs are answered below. Having a senior pet is such a privilege and he or she certainly fills our heart with love. It can also be a tumultuous time as we see a decline in their health or get a terminal diagnosis. Having support and guidance through this time can be so beneficial in helping you enjoy the time you have left with your pet as well sharing with you critical information so that you can make the best decisions for your family. We give you hope and inspiration to make the most of your time together.

If you have other questions not answered here on our Pet Hospice Frequently Asked Questions, or want to talk to us more about your specific needs, please feel free to reach out to us directly. We know this can be a difficult time and we want to help.

What exactly will this pet hospice program provide me?

Emily’s Path Pet Hospice Program is designed to guide and support you and your pet through the golden years. We deep dive into what’s happening with your pet and how you’re handling it. We address situations and changes as they arise as well as help you prepare for future needs. You’ll have dedicated one-on-one time with us in a safe space to explore what direction is right for you.

Not only are you given information to help your pet live out their best life, we share with you ways to enhance your time with them. This program does everything from help you identify more tactical changes in their food, supplements and daily routines as well as can incorporate in additional services we offer such as animal communication, animal massage and Reiki for your pet. We don’t stop there. We offer YOU proven ways to better manage your emotions to stay present with your pet. In addition, we offer an abundance of resources you may want to utilize as you navigate through this time.

Does my pet have to be a certain age to qualify for the pet hospice program?

No, your pet does not need to be any certain age. Every animal ages differently and has different health challenges.  Any time you are facing their mortality is the right time to start this program. If you’re unsure, many choose to seek guidance and support when:

  • Decline in physical or mental health
  • Chronic or terminal diagnosis such as cancer
  • Considered “senior” pet age range (typically 8 years and up)

What animals do you allow in the pet hospice program?

Truly any pet can be included in the pet hospice program. The most common animals that are part of the program are cats, dogs and horses. If you have a special animal companion that is another species, we would still be happy to assist you along your journey.

How long does the program last?

There are no rules about how long or how often you remain in the program. The program is customized around your needs and what’s happening with your pet. Depending on how close your pet is to crossing the bridge will impact how much time you have with us and this program. To start, we will recommend weekly sessions to help guide you and give you the important information you need to travel down this path with confidence, support and the knowledge you need to make the best decisions for your pet and your family.

How much does the program cost?

The program is charged by session, so you only pay for what you use. Our rates are not published publicly. Please inquire with us to help identify if this program is a good fit for you.

What geographic areas does the Pet Hospice Program cover?

You can live anywhere in the United States of America to enroll in our Pet Hospice Program. Emily’s Path sessions can be held over the phone, Zoom or in person for those that live in the Twin Cities, Minnesota area.  We have two offices as well as offer home visits to the surrounding areas. Our main office is located in Eden Prairie, MN and our other office is in Andover, MN.

Does my pet need to be present during the sessions?

No, your pet does not need to be present during the sessions. It is nice to have them available as it can provide helpful insight when evaluating their needs. If they are in attendance, they can soak up some healing as well. We understand that sometimes it is difficult to coordinate their presence for every session, and it is not necessary. There are many other ways to gather and assess the current situation without us having to be in the same room. There’s a ton of information and knowledge we share with you that  helps give you guidance and options on what’s right for them.

Does this have to be my first pet?

Whether it’s your first pet or your 20th pet, we are here to help you during this special time with your loved animal companion. It can be especially helpful to participate in our pet hospice program. If this is your first time going through this stage with your pet, youmay not know what to expect, what resources exist to help you and how to prepare for the inevitable.

If you’ve been through losing a pet before, then you know just how incredibly painful it is to go through it… and even more heartbreaking to do it alone. And things may have changed in the pet industry since your last loss. Just look – here we are with Emily’s Path Pet Hospice Program. It’s a one of a kind, progressive way to support pet parents as they navigate through the last chapter with their animal companion.

Our program is designed to help provide you with tools to ease the stress and give you opportunities to stay present and enjoy your pet while they’re here. It gives you resources, teaches you important facts so you know what to watch for as your pet’s health changes. There are resources we can share to provide you with options at the various stages.

What if I participate in a hospice program through my vet – am I still eligible to enroll in Emily’s Path Pet Hospice Program? 

Great question! Yes, you can be a part of both programs. Both are valuable for you and your animal companion and will likely cover very different aspects of your pet’s care.

While we can’t speak to every veterinarian hospice program, but most offer palliative care support surrounding medical diagnostics, prescription medicines and euthanasia options.

Emily’s Path Pet Hospice Program encourages you to utilize various professionals during this time, including veterinarians.  We offer something different than what they do.  We’ll help you navigate ways to stay present, help you navigate through this time by providing additional resources, discuss important items to help you prepare for the changes you’ll encounter and also educate you about senior and hospice care options so you can make the best decisions for you and your pet. And so much more!

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