Animal Communication

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Special relationships are formed with animals, allowing for an intuitive connection that brings out the animal's perspective; 

we call this Animal Communication. Animal Intuition works together with you and your animal companion to gain insights that help identify and resolve behavior, emotional and physical issues, as well as to gain closure with those that have passed on.

For you as an animal lover, direct intuitive communication will boost your understanding, joy and richness in relationships with your animal companions and you can learn so much! Dogs, cats and horses are the most common clients, however on occasion it is requested to communicate with other animals.

and Animal Communication

Reiki can be done in conjunction with animal communication sessions to heighten the experience and outcome. It's a gentle healing technique to enhance your pet's overall well-being.

Pet Hospice Program

And Animal Communication

Animal communication can be an insightful tool to use during the hospice phase of your animal companion's life, especially to determine perspective on their quality of life. 

And Animal Communication

Animal communication is used during canine and equine massage therapy sessions to tap into the dog's and horse's feelings and to target areas of pain and discomfort.  If you would like to ask questions, a separate session can be booked.

Animal communication involves
the transmission of

feelings, intentions, thoughts, mental images, emotions, impressions, sensations, and pure knowing

between humans and animals.

Animal communication is sometimes referred to by such terms as animal communicator, horse whisperer or dog whisperer. We are all born with the ability to communicate telepathically with our own and other species. However, in our society today we are taught to use verbal and body languages as the accepted method of communication and lose touch with using our own intuition to communicate. With retraining and practice, the use of our intuition can become another sense and a tool for communication.

Helpful Resources

Here are some additional resources you may find helpful when considering intuitive sessions with your pets.

  • Frequently Asked Questions: about animal communication sessions with us.
  • Intuitive Connections: Dive deeper into what it means to use your intuition and how it works when connecting with animals.
  • Read about how it helped a client with behavioral changes for her  pony.

Remote Sessions

Animal Intuition offers Animal Communication Remote Session for local and nationwide customers.  These are convenient, efficient and geared towards both new and repeat customers. Save yourself the time of setting up an appointment and do it all online. 


Animal Intuition offers classes and one-on-one instruction to help teach you how to access and use your own intuition to communicate with animals.  

Animal Communication I

This introductory class will provide you with techniques to help you open up your intuition and use your senses to communicate with animals. You will have the opportunity to participate in exercises throughout the day, giving you practical experience using what you’ve learned in an interactive and supportive atmosphere. You will gain an understanding that intuitive communication is real and that anyone can learn to do it. 

Level II and a Pet Perspectives Series is also available.

Check out the Promotions and Events section for up-coming class dates or call to schedule a private appointment.

If you know 5 other people that want to learn about animal communication and intuitive techniques with you, you can take the class for free.

Please contact Animal Intuition to discuss options and coordinate the training class.

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Service Areas

Phone, Zoom and remote appointments are available nationwide for Animal Communication. In office appointments are available at our Eden Prairie, MN and Andover, MN locations. Our focus is on the Twin Cities in Minnesota, concentrating our Animal Communication services in the following cities for in-person and mobile appointments:

  • Edina
  • Minnetonka
  • Wayzata
  • Eden Prairie
  • Hopkins
  • St. Louis Park
  • Minneapolis

More Information

About Animal Communication
  • There are some wonderful books published on this topic. Animal communicator and author, Marta Williams, has put a comprehensive reading list together on her website.
  • Read an article about animal communication to learn more. 
  • Friday's story might help explain how a dog uses and experiences intuition.  Hopefully the story will enlighten and remind us of what amazing animals surround us in this world.  
  • "A Dog Understands" Read this touching story by Dr. Fox to embrace an animal's love and compassion for their people. Also, perhaps it will enlighten you more about intuition and how animals use it all the time.
  • Intuition Allows Us to Connect with Animals on a Deeper Level Learn about your sense of intuition and how it works to connect with cats, dogs, horses and other animal companions.
"It’s nice to have reliable insight into my horses’ behaviors from an honest communication practitioner. The services that Jenny provides not only helps me better connect with my geldings, but also gives me greater confidence in interpreting their actions."
Susan M., Lakeville, MN