Animal Communication – Frequently Asked Questions About Having A Session

Animal communication is a great way to better understand how your animal companion is feeling physically, emotionally and help determine what they want.  It’s especially comforting to do with seniors to help manage their quality of life and provide you with clarity, understanding and often validation as they near their time here with us.  You can find more blog posts that were written on the topic if you like to read; such as this one on how it helps us connect with animals on a deeper level.

Here are the frequently asked questions to know when booking an animal communication session with Animal Intuition.

Does your pet need to be present?
Your pet does not need to be with your or me during the session.  I connect on an intuitive level through their souls and  I also work with animals that have passed on.  For sessions where we’re not all together, a photograph of the animal companion(s) is helpful, which can be emailed or texted in advance of our session. This saves time and allows us to focus on your goals for the session.  If a picture is unavailable, a description can be provided.

Sometimes it’s hard to get your head around how a connection can be made when we’re not physically in each other’s presence.  Read our blog, “Intuitive Connections With Animals”, to learn more about how that works.

What’s the Difference Between Remote & In-Person Sessions?
The information gathered from and shared by your pet is the same regardless of whether we are all together or sessions are done remotely; email or over the phone.  So, if the focus of the entire session is animal communication and getting insight from your companion, then it doesn’t matter how we carry out the session.

Remote sessions give us the most flexibility for scheduling and tend to be the most efficient. It also give us availability to service clients nationwide.  Clients have been able to do these sessions from their office on breaks, when their kids are napping or other prime times without incurring travel time.

For those local to St. Paul / Minneapolis, MN and the surrounding Twin Cities, there are a few differences between a remote and in-person sessions that can provide some benefit.  Of course, in person sessions allow us to meet, which can give you a better sense of who I am, feel more relaxed and trust in the process. As we talk, I can offer some healing to your pet during these sessions. Incorporating in Reiki or some light massage can help release tension and balance them.  It’s also easier to teach and demonstrate exercises or techniques to do at home that I may suggest or recommend depending on what we discover during the session.

Can multiple animals be included in a session?
Yes, you can include multiple pets in one session. This is a great way to manage your time and be able to connect with as many pets as you want.  It can include current pets and those that have passed on.  Sometimes clients have even asked about a family or friend’s pet. This all works – it’s really about what you want to get out of the session and what your priorities are for it.

What can you ask?
Really, the sky is the limit on what types of questions and information you can seek out during an animal communication session. The most common questions revolve around wanting to know about:

  • Your pet’s past
  • If they’re in pain
  • Why a specific behavior is being exhibited
  • Help them adjust to a major life change
  • Quality of life

Can You Ask About the Future?
This question requires a bit of an explanation. I cannot see into the future or answer questions specifically about the outcome of an animal’s future such as how long a cat or dog will live or what awards they’ll achieve or anything of that nature. But we can discuss how your animal companion feels about making certain changes, such as adding a new pet to the family or trying a new activity, to better understand their views. Answers come from how your animal companion is feeling, their memories, experiences, perceptions, needs and desires at that time. These things can change over time, just like we can change our mind. What once sounded like a good idea may or may not be appealing anymore.  Asking questions about what your pet wants or is willing to do can be helpful in making decisions about what direction to take on a given topic.  We can always check back later to see how your pet is feeling once you’ve tried an activity or made a change.

How Long Does A Session Last?
Animal communications sessions vary in length with each appointment. It’s based on how many questions you have and how many animals you want included. For first sessions, I will usually block an hour time if we don’t discuss a limit, giving us the freedom to enjoy the session. If we set a time limit, I encourage you to prioritize your questions so that the most important topics are covered first. This helps ensure you get the critical answers you wanted. If you want to diligently manage resources, we can set a start and end time. Also, when scheduling, I will advise you on what my schedule allows for with each option given.

As people get to know me and I their pets, quick check-ins tend to be a frequent ask. I’ll get a text with, “How’s Dottie’s back feeling?” or something along those lines asking a quick and direct question. I can then do a session and send feedback relatively quickly. I do my best to fit these requests in-between other scheduled appointments within my normal working hours.

What are your locations & hours:
Our Contact Us page will have our current locations and hours. Sessions can be done in person at one of my offices or at your home, depending on where you live. I service the Twin Cities metro area. Check out the virtual tour of our Eden Prairie office.

How much will an animal communication session cost?
You can inquire about current rates when you book an appointment. There is a standard rate with a minimum 15 minutes for phone and in office sessions. Time is charged based on actual use after the minimum is met. Most first time sessions will last 30-60 minutes but vary greatly based upon how much you want to cover.  As mentioned, a time limit can be set to help with budgeting resources. Rates are different when I come to you. They have a 30 minute minimum and a trip charge, based on location.

How do I Pay?
Cash, check, PayPal or credit card is accepted.  If a session is conducted remotely, a credit card is taken or a PayPal done with a deposit prior to the appointment for new clients. Any follow up appointments, payment is due at the end of the session.


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