Intuitive Connections With Animals

What is Intuition?

Simply put, intuition is another sense that we have within us. We are all born with intuition, just as we are born with the ability to see, hear, taste, and feel.  Most of us – I’m generalizing society as whole – have learned to build on our logic and reasoning instead of paying attention to our natural instincts.  However, most everyone can recall a time where they had a “gut” feeling or perhaps can relate to that feeling of “knowing” when someone is staring at you when you cannot see the person or you walk into a room and there is “tension in the air”. That is intuition, another sense that helps us filter and process what is in our environment.  Animals rely heavily on their intuition for survival and it is at the core of every living being. This is their first resource, where humans learn to use cognitive abilities and subsequently have paid less attention to and even ignored their intuition.

When we do not use a sense or are no longer able to do so, we lose the ability to easily recognize it on a regular basis. Image if you were blind folded the first 20 years of your life. You would have learned at an early age to pay more attention to your other senses and would ultimately compensate for not having sight. When the blindfold is removed 20 years later, you never having seen anything before, what do you think “sight” would mean to you?

  • You have no idea what anything looks like
  • The difference between light, dark
  • Depth perception
  • Color

You would have to learn and train yourself on how to recognize things using your sight. For instance you would feel a table and then associate what the table looks like, banking that in memory to recall the next time you see a similar object.  This would need to be done numerous times because it takes time to
remember and to learn to recognize all types of tables; wooden tables, glass tables, iron-legged tables, round tables, square tables and more.  So, would you take the time to learn or would you shut your eyes and precede living life as you had done for the first 20 years?  What’s easier, what’s more interesting and how important would it be to you? Would you take the time to practice, train and learn how to use your sight or would you shut your eyes and perhaps occasionally take a glimpse of something life with vision?

Animal’s Intuition

Animal CommunicationAnimals use their intuition all the time and are very aware of it and open with it. Those people that have spent time developing their own intuition can form a bond with the animal that involves the transmission of feelings, intentions, thoughts, mental images, emotions, sensations, and pure knowing.  This provides insight to physical, behavioral and emotional issues as well as comfort and closure when dealing with a loss.  For people that have animal companions, intuitive sessions with your animal can help heighten your understanding, joy and build a stronger relationship with them.


Connecting With Your Animal – Animal Communication

Each case is unique and every situation is handled based on the personality and emotional state of the animal.  Similarly, you may be able to relate as every verbal conversation you have with a person is different – it depends on who you are talking to, the personalities involved, emotions and communication style. Like us, animals can change their mind, have difficulty addressing sensitive topics or may try to avoid an issue. They do not lie, but there time when animals advert areas of discussion and can certainly figure out a way around the conversation. They also have varying personalities that play a part in how and what information is communicated –some shy, several bold, others detailed oriented and many free spirits.

Having an open mind yourself throughout the session provides for an optimal experience. The sessions themselves can be done in person, by phone or even email. After the connection is made between the animal and intuitive, a few key questions are answered, then the discussion can start. These are some common areas of interest:

  • Physical health and inquires about pain
  • History about the animal’s life before living with their current family
  • Change in behavior
  • New family members or change in environment
  • Sensitive topics, such as ways gain closure with those that have passed on

Intuition is a valuable sense that animals use every day to survive in the wild and even our domesticated animals respond first to their intuition and then their cognitive abilities.  By humans spending time becoming more aware of our own senses, we can better connect and understand our animal companions.    To learn more, contact Animal Intuition as they offer individual intuitive sessions and group classes about animal communication.