Animal Communication Helps Pushy Pony and Her Person

A horse’s behavior sure can tell us that something is wrong, but sometimes we need to dig deeper to find answers to help us start to make positive changes.  This is where animal communication often comes into play with people and their loved animal companions.  Read about how animal communication and essential oils helped bring Lilly Mae and Jill to together and make positive changes in their relationship.

Lilly Mae

Lilly Mae

I cannot say enough about Jenny Gott’s incredible ability to read animals and communicate with them. Her animal communication sessions over the past year, in addition to her aroma-therapy session, with my pushy and opinionated 13.1 hh half-Haflinger pony mare, Lilly Mae, have allowed me to see Lilly Mae through new eyes.

During the first communications session Jenny did with Lilly Mae, Lilly Mae revealed things to Jenny that only Lilly Mae would have known I do with her!  So it was very obvious to me that Jenny was actually hearing what my pony was saying to her. And then, when I had Jenny ask Lilly Mae if Lilly Mae was aware of how much I wanted to be her person to trust, the answer Jenny got from Lilly Mae changed everything about the way I should have interpreted Lilly Mae’s constantly slicked back ears, biting, and kicking. I thought Lilly Mae was simply a big, crabby pony that didn’t want anything to do with me no matter how much I tried to gently show Lilly Mae I loved her and wanted to take good care of her. But Lilly Mae told Jenny that she had tried to love and trust people before in her life but had always just ended up being loaded into a trailer and sent away from that person anyway. Jenny also got from Lilly Mae that Lilly Mae did know I was trying to love her but that I had to pass some of her “horse tests for people” before I’d become the one she could like and trust.

Well, after Lilly Mae told us those things, Jenny advised me to simply keep one thought in my head whenever I was doing anything with Lilly Mae and that thought was that I was always going to be Lilly Mae’s partner and would not ever give up on her. And, after I began doing that, it wasn’t long before Lilly Mae began whinnying at me and running to me when I walked out to get her in the paddock or calling to me eagerly from her stall when I first walked into the barn. Wow.  Some follow-up communications sessions for Lilly Mae with Jenny have now left me knowing for sure that my pony does want to love me in return for my promise to not give up on her; my praising her as often as I can, and my being happy whenever she does funny things – which is almost all the time. The aroma-therapy session I also had Jenny do on Lilly Mae seemed very fun and pleasurable for Lilly Mae. The noticeably different but all very happy and interested responses Lilly Mae made to each scent also told me I have a real hoot of a pony mare for a best friend.

If I had not contacted Jenny to talk to Lilly Mae, I would never have had the door opened up for me into who my amazing pony really is and how she thinks about herself. Nor would I have discovered that the perfect equine partner for the non-assertive, serious-minded older woman I am is one very confident, smart, pushy, opinionated and fun-all-the-time half-Haflinger pony mare. Thanks, Jenny, for making me and my pony, Lilly Mae, happier beings.

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