Arabian Horse, Bourbin, Gets Massages to Keep Him Vibrant

Animal’s Name: Bourbin

Bourbin, patiently waiting for his ice cream.

Bourbin, patiently waiting for his ice cream.

Registered Name: VDF Bourbin

Disciplines: English & Western School Horse

Breed: Arabian,  Age: 27

Here’s Bourbin’s story, written by his person, Pam.

Bourbin was born and raised at the Ames Farms in Jordan; Cedar Ridge Arabians. He was in training to do park walking and trotting but became one of their school horses instead for English and western riding. He was later purchased at the age of nine (9) to be a companion for a young gal in Prior Lake. He was then purchased by me four years later, to be a companion for his stall mate, Bu Bu, another Arabian mare and myself.

Bourbin and I have been together for the last 16 years! We have done many things and grown in many ways. Bourbin had never been a trail horse. He was wonderful in the arena and knew what was required of him. He was all Arab – intelligent, beautiful, spirited, full of life, graceful, an endurance runner, and very social and comical. Our first several rides together were very challenging from being afraid of the lines on the road, to frogs and sticks in the woods, narrow trails and water. On our of initial rides, he was so afraid in the woods, he reared up and back, and I gracefully dismounted still holding the reigns, and landed on my feet. Somehow we stayed together in his panic and I gently lead him out of the woods into an open space for peace and calm before riding him home.

Bourbin’s top achievements, beyond being a successful school horse, have been learning to be a calm and obedient trail horse in the wild which means, even by himself, going to Murphy Hanrehan Park, going through water without bolting and hurting anyone (Arabians are desert horses by nature), and riding at my pace on the trails not his; and lastly trailoring to horse camp and trail ride beyond the comfort of his home throughout Minnesota and Iowa.


Pam and Bourbin going through the Dairy Queen Drive Through

I would say that one of his favorite things to do besides eat is to visit and take a bareback trail ride through the countryside. Also, a fond memory we share is riding through the Savage Dairy Queen! When I see him now, he comes as soon as he sees me, to be let out, fed, brushed and prepared to ride. He has become a wonderful companion and enjoyable friend to ride. In fact, he soon will be used to accompany me in doing Equine Assisted Psychotherapy as soon as the weather warms and I complete more training. He is ready to help others learn how to build trust and not to fear. We have learned so much from one another and now have a lot of fun together.

Being the spirited Arab he is, Bourbin has had a few missteps and falls in his older age. With the help of Jenny doing massage along with chiropractic care as well, Bourbin has recovered from his injuries. Even at 27 and slowing down, he is strong, vibrant, and youthful. I am so grateful for Jenny’s help and healing hands so I can continue to ride and give Bourbin a chance to give to others what he has learned.

If your horse has been injured in the slightest way, and as a result is not acting like himself/herself, beyond a vet check, please do not hesitate to contact Jenny at Animal Intuition to assist you and them in the most healing and recovery possible.

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