Why Dog Athlete Gets Dog Massages and More


Kansosaks Que Baton Rouge Omax Picture compliments of Pete’s Photography

Roue: Kansosaks Que Baton Rouge Omax


Birthday: July 7, 2008

Disciplines: Obedience, Rally, Agility, Fly Ball, Lure Course, Barn Hunt

Roue’s Person: Pat

Roue is a beautiful and fun-loving dog that might fool you into thinking that it’s all fun and games, well, because it is! She is a true athlete that loves to work and she’ll give just about anything a try and by try, that means she will give it her ‘all’. Roue has the titles and achievements to prove it! Just look at what she’s done so far:

  • AKC: Obedience Utility, Rally RAEx2(IP), Agility Master level
  • UKC: Titles in Obedience & Rally
  • CDSP: Open Champion, OTCH, Utility Champion (IP) with multiple HIT & HC
  • Lure Coursing: CAA
  • Barn Hunt: Senior level
  • Flyball: Top 15 for Rottweilers
  • NRC: Working Award of Excellence & Hall of Fame induction by the age of 4

Wow! I hope we got all of that documented correctly. What a recognized and decorated dog and we’re so proud to be part of her care team. Roue and Pat are a down-to-Earth-duo, but they deserve the spotlight shining on them – they’ve put in a ton of heart, hard work and dedication into all they’ve accomplished. A huge congratulations and honors to you both.

Let’s back up and start from the beginning. Pat and Roue have been a team from the get go;

A proud moment for Roue and Pat!

A proud moment for Roue and Pat!

from the time Roue was separated from the litter, she started forming a new family and bond with Pat and the rest of her Rottweiler pack. With being one of many in the pack, Roue’s social self and personality blossomed. This dog loves dogs, loves people, loves to play and loves to “work” (if that’s what you call it!). She’s a great all-around dog and a spectacular representation of the Rottweiler breed. Words often used to describe this dog breed include alert, confident, courageous, devoted, fearless, good-natured, obedient and steady, which describe her perfectly.

With patience, dedication and incorporating in lots of fun, Roue debuted her talents in the spring of 2011 and hasn’t stopped competing since then. Pat and Roue’s favorite event as a team is agility, and Roue’s favorites include swimming and the Lure Course. They often work on “shaping tricks”, which help both the mind and body stay sharp in a fun and rewarding way. While it IS all fun and games, early on, Roue once challenged the challenge itself. Part of the competition required her to stay in a down position. Roue had other thoughts about how this skill should be executed, so with her own creative interpretation, holding to the rule of staying “down”, Roue rolled on her back and scooted all the way from the left to the right side of Pat during her Novice CDSP competition. While no points were awarded for her efforts, she was surely recognized by receiving an encore of laughter from the crowd.

Animal Intuition has been working with Pat, Roue and all the others in the pack to help them be at their physical, emotional and mental best for several years. Roue started out by getting regular massages to help relieve stress, maintain mobility and optimize her performance. She loves the relaxing effects of Reiki, so this beneficial healing technique is often included in her sessions. This dog is easy to love and always shows her affection by initiating our sessions with a big hug. When her muscles are sore, tight and restricted, essential oils are used to help loosen, soothe and help manage discomfort.

Occasionally, we check in with Roue intuitively to get her perspective on things using animal communication methods. We’ve helped Roue let go of grief from the loss of pack members, adjust to new foster siblings, deal with rehabilitation and get her feedback about the events she competes in. Currently, we’re focusing on the bodywork for Roue, working to help loosen muscles and eliminate some physical restrictions she’s displaying. We’re just one of the many on her team to help her. She is a regular customer at Rhythm of Life Animal Chiropractic and often uses the rehabilitation services at the University of Minnesota Veterinary Medicinal Center. We are proud to be part of this elite group of care-givers and support for Roue – we love her like one or our own!

Roue, clearing the jump! Picture compliments of www.greatdanephotos.com

Roue, clearing the jump!
Picture compliments of www.greatdanephotos.com

Pat’s current goal is to get Roue back to competing status and past her physical restrictions. As many athletes do, Roue has push the boundaries of her physical limits with her “work hard – play hard” attitude. Everyone is working hard to help get her back on track and once that happens, the plan is to keep her good shape and minimize any pain as issues arise. Pat is diligent and mindful of what Roue needs to help her recover and never hesitates to give her all that she needs, whether at home or with her care team specialists. Pat is a wonderful example of a an awesome pet parent for our community. Thank you Pat for all that you do!

A final note from Pat in summary; “It takes a village. Animal Intuition is one member of the team that helps and supports me and my pack of dogs on all levels: emotionally, physically and spiritually. Thank you.”

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