Sun Dancer Grain-Free Dog Food

Solid Gold Sun Dancer Grain-Free Chicken Ranks Top on Animal Intuition’s List of Quality Dog Foods

Animal Intuition’s canine sidekicks got to try Sold Gold Sun Dancer’s dog food.  This dry adult dog food, grain-free, gluten-free with wholesome ingredients such as chia seed, a preboitic, flaxseed, pumpkin and vitamins is by far their favorite so far.  They loved the taste and ease on their
digestive tracts…well, we all enjoyed that in more ways than one.  It is one of the most palatable and digestible foods my dogs have tried. They were asking for more.  Now, while they are ALWAYS excited for their meal, but they were over-the-top excited for Sun Dancer!

I loved the natural and nutrient-rich ingredients and that it is convenient. Dog food today can be complex – storing, preparing, mixing, limited shelf life
and the list goes on. This is a high quality kibble that stores easy, stays fresh and is no different to serve your dogs than any other kibble, yet your dog gets so much more.

Sun Dancer Grain-Free Dog Food

Sun Dancer Dog Food

Being a chicken-based protein source, I was nervous about trying it on two sensitive stomachs, but both dogs did really well with it.  Previous experience would dictate, vomiting, gas, loose stool and two uncomfortable pups fighting with their bodies, trying to absorb any nutrients they could before expelling them.   I always avoided chicken-based foods since this seemed to cause issues within their digestion.  Now I know that this brand, Solid Gold Sun Dancer Grain-Free Chicken, will work for them.  It is such a nutrient-rich option, that the dogs will now be getting this as part of their regular diet.  We’re all excited about this change!

When looking at foods from a clinical standpoint, those that cause digestive upset, run deeper than the obvious symptoms of vomit or diarrhea. It impacts the ability for the body to properly absorb nutrients, causes muscle aches and pains, lowers their immune system and causes dehydration.  While, canine massage will help with the pain management, boost your dog’s immune system and soothe aches and pains, it is important to make adjustments to the source of the issue.  When a dog’s food doesn’t work for him or her, it is critical to find a better solution. Massage and the use of essential oils that are helpful in encouraging proper digestion can be used to help with the transition to the new food and also help bring your dog back to their optimal health.