Resilient Movements For Grief Class


Regain Your Power & Support Healing

ONLINE CLASS: Take from the privacy and safety of your own home.
Animal Intuition provides an opportunity to support healing through intentional body movements for those who have experienced a loss or are experiencing anticipatory grief by partnering with Julia Kranz to teach this Resilient Movements Class.
Exercises will be accessible for all and will include breathing exercises, simple movements and mindfulness practices all within a safe environment. The philosophy behind the class is to help you notice your body so you can:
– Release Tension
– Reduce Arousal
– Tolerate Sensation

This results in heightening your body awareness so it can focus on regenerating and healing from your trauma. This class is designed to be supportive, uplifting and empowering. Come, be among us in a safe, supportive, and private setting.

About Julia:
Julia Kranz, LGSW is a licensed social worker and has a special certification in trauma-informed yoga.
– $35/person
– Current opening: June 5, 2021: 9a-10:30a CST
– Dates and times listed on our Events section for more information.
This is an exclusive online class Upon registration and payment, you will receive a class confirmation.
Special Notice: We’ve taken special care and are compelled to assure you that this class is NOT designed to access emotions or traumatic memories. We recommend these important types of activities be directed to trained professionals in counseling and mental health.


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