Reiki For Pets Remote Session



Reiki For Pets Remote Session

Reiki for Pets Remote sessions for your pets give you flexibility, healing and support from the comfort of your own home. Whether you are a busy individual, your pet doesn’t travel well or your out of our service area for in person sessions, this is a beautiful and gentle way to provide Reiki for your pet.

You simply “order online” and provide the requested information. Upon receipt, your session will be scheduled, performed and you will receive a written summary back via email.

Session Options: 30 Min | 1 Hour

How Reiki Helps Your pet

A Reiki remote session can help your pet with:

  • Stress, anxiety and tension
  • Abuse or emotional trauma
  • Transitions
  • Illness and disease
  • Physical injuries
  • Relaxation
  • Pleasure
  • Bonding

For you as an animal lover, Reiki can support your pet physically, emotionally and positively impact their behavior.  It can also boost your understanding, joy and richness in relationships with your animal companions and you can learn so much.

You can read more about Reiki on our website page.

Dogs, cats and horses are the most common client, though Reiki sessions can be done with most any animal.

How Reiki for Pets Remote Sessions Work:

  1. Choose time option (estimates 3o min, 1 hour)
  2. Provide the following about each animal to be included in the session:
    • Name
    • Age
    • How long you have had him/her
    • Upload picture or provide description (faster with pic!)
  3. Set Your Intention or describe what areas you want healing / support for your pet.
  4. Wait for your results!

Once the order has been placed for a Reiki for Pets Remote Session, you will receive an email response listing the above information and allowing you to attached relevant pictures.

These sessions are done during normal scheduled working hours with an average completion in 3-5 business days. They are available to new and current customers nationwide.

Selecting a time option is your personal preference on how much Reiki healing you want for your pet at a time. For reference: A 30 minute session would be ideal for maintenance and minor goals, while your pet with an acute injury, terminal diagnosis or major goal/challenge would benefit from an hour session.

Direct Reiki for Pets Sessions

In office, phone, zoom and local onsite appointments are available as well. This is just another option for you to access Animal Intuition and Reiki services. If you are interested in one of these options, please call/text or email: (952) 484-4396 |

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