Lion’s Mane Mushrooms For Pets



Lion’s Mane Mushrooms For Pets

Super Snouts Lion’s Roar – Organic Lion’s Mane Mushrooms for Pets

Lion’s mane mushrooms for pets is perfect for senior cats and dogs of all sizes that are experiencing cognitive challenges due to the natural aging process. These medicinal mushrooms can also be used as preventative maintenance for adult pets.

Symptoms of Cognitive Issues

Symptoms to watch for with your cats and dogs:

  • Startle easily
  • Potty accidents
  • Visibly confused or forgetful
  • Excessive barking or whining for no apparent reason
  • Gets stuck going around things or in corners
  • Sleep cycle changes
  • Trouble eating / drinking or appetite changes
  • Restless or irritable
  • Doesn’t recognize familiar pets or people

Read more about the signs of dog dementia from veterinarian written and reviewed article from PetMD.

Pet Supplement Benefits

  • Promotes & supports your pet’s immune and cell function
  • Helps support mental clarity, memory and focus
  • Maintains healthy gut
  • Can be used as a prevention for cognitive support

Super Snouts Lion’s Roar

  • Veterinarian Approved
  • Organic
  • USA Grown
  • For use with cats and dogs 6 months and older

Suggested Daily Amount:

  • ​1 scoop / 25# weight
  • You can double the dose for the first 10 days as a “loading phase” to increase initial absorption.

Active Ingredient: Organic Lion’s Mane 100mg

Size: 2.6 oz

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Other medicinal mushrooms for pets available: Hemp + Shrooms, Turkey Tail, Mushroom Blend. 

Often clients will use CBD Oil, golden paste and joint support supplements for their senior pets as well. Feel free to contact us to put together the best supplements for your pet’s needs.