Lavender Essential Oil


Lavender’s scent promotes a calming environment that can help alleviate stress to your companion while in the home, on a walk, or in the middle of a move. Lavender is very versatile in the number of products that can be produced with the scent from skin care, to relaxing routines, to air fresheners. The aroma that comes off of this essential oil is a soft floral scent that smells like the same scent on a freshly bloomed flower.

As well as being used for calming our animal companions, lavender can also be used to help heal any burns. We all know sometimes our pets go near something a little too hot, just like little kids, and we want to help them heal as quickly as possible. Ordering one bottle of this essential oil for use on whichever challenge you are facing, a curious companion with a big burn or an anxiety driven companion who needs help calming themselves down.

Sizes: 5ml | 15ml

For a 2ml size, please see our micro product selections.

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5ml, 15 ml