EHV-1 In Minnesota and Western Wisconsin

We wanted to send out information due to the recent notification that there are confirmed cases where horses in Minnesota tested positive for EHV-1 (Equine Herpes Virus). Please contact your veterinarian for full information.  Many vets are posting updates to their blogs and social media sites.  Here are a few options for you to gather more information:

Please take a moment to read through the information below to help you understand what we are doing to take proper precautions while treating your horses. Your horse’s safety and health is our most important mission.

First, let’s explain what EHV-1 is and the clinical symptoms to look for in your horse. Information, compliments of the University of Minnesota Equine Extension:

What is EHV-1: Equine Herpes Virus – 1 is a contagious viral infection that can cause four clinical presentations: neurological disease, respiratory disease, neonatal death and abortion. The disease can take as little as 24 hours, but typically 4-6 days to incubate and full signs of the disease may take up to 12 days.

Clinical Symptoms:
• Fever commonly precedes other clinical signs
• Respiratory Disease
• Fever, coughing, nasal discharge
• Abortion
• Usually occurs in late pregnancy (8+ months, but as early as 4 months) with no warning signs
• Neurologic Disease – also known as Equine Herpesvirus Myeloencephalopathy (EHM)
• Hind–end weakness and lack of coordination
• Leaning against wall or fence to maintain balance
• Urine dribbling or inability to urinate
• Down and unable to stand

If you notice any of the above symptoms or have any concerns about the health of your horse, please contact your veterinarian immediately. There is currently testing going on in Southeastern Minnesota and Northwestern Wisconsin (March 20, 2014).

As mentioned above, EHV-1 is contagious. It can be spread by horse-to-horse contact and also indirectly through equipment and physical objects, even clothing. We at Animal Intuition understand the importance of making sure we operate in a safe manner. Here are some things we do to ensure your horse is safe from contamination:

• We sanitize our hands before and after each horse is treated.
• Our smocks/clothing will be washed before use at a different barn.
• Boots will be sanitized after each barn visit.
• Any equipment used will be sanitized prior to use at another facility.
• We will not be offering our equine bodywork services at any up-coming public event until a determination is made on the severity of the issue.

Veterinarians are recommending that horses do not travel during this time until the extent of the outbreak is determined. We urge you to consider your show/event schedule carefully for your horse’s and his/her herd’s safety and discuss it with your veterinarian to get the latest information.

Animal Intuition can offer several services to help boost your horse’s immune system and limit the potential for contracting this disease or other illnesses. These treatments are not replacements for proper veterinary care, but do help support your horse’s health. We often perform Equine Raindrop Technique, equine massage and aromatherapy. You can contact us directly to discuss your horse’s needs.

You may have other animals or worry about contamination among other species. EHV-1 is contagious among horses, llamas and alpacas. It does NOT affect humans, cats or dogs.

For more information about this disease, you can check out additional resources on the University of Minnesota Equine Extension website and with your local veterinarian.

Disclaimer: The above documentation is for information only and not intended to treat, cure or diagnose.  Check with your veterinarian for full information and proper medical care for your horse.

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