Canine Massage

Dog Massage For Dogs & YOU

Did you know that dog massages are good for dogs and YOU? Say what? Yes, you heard me right, “Dog Massage for Dogs & YOU. There are obvious reasons that massages can benefit your dog, but it may surprise you to learn how much that these healing sessions can benefit you.

When our beloved pets age, get injured, or are diagnosed with a disease or condition, it’s so difficult for the people who love them. All we want to do is understand how they feel and provide them with some relief.

One of the most effective and rewarding therapies you can provide for your dog is canine massage. Canine massage is so much more than just a body rub. When I administer canine massage, I take every opportunity to locate pain points or triggers, to manipulate the body for improved mobility and flexibility, relieve pain and to communicate with your family member. I often also include a variety of modalities such as trigger point and Reiki to maximize your dog’s comfort and healing. I work to understand how your dog is feeling physically, mentally, and emotionally no matter what’s happening with them. Jump over to the Top Ten Reasons to Get Your Dog or Horse Massaged for a full list.

Massage can benefit dogs and puppies of all ages, and it’s especially beneficial for our senior dogs as they face the struggles of aging and deterioration.

Canine Massage

Health Advantages of Dog Massage:

  • Relaxation. Just like humans, dog experience stress and tension when they are in discomfort or pain. To optimize healing, a body needs to be in a relaxed and receptive state. Pet Massage releases “feel good hormones”, lowers heart rate and blood pressure that promotes a restful state of mind and body.
  • Pain Reduction. If your aging dog has arthritis or other degenerative disease, he or she may be sedentary. Inactivity and staying in one position for longer periods of time can cause tender areas, inflammation, and even sores where blood flow is restricted. Canine Massage stimulates the blood flow to these areas, reduces inflammation and relieves pain.
  • Circulation. Blood flow is the lifeline of any living being. Dog Massage improves circulation and can assist with nutrient absorption & removal of toxins.
  • Immune System Support. Pet Massage helps regulate immune system function improving circulation and stimulating organ function. This is especially critical in older pets as they age and their bodies start to struggle.

So, What Happens To You When Your Dog Gets A Massage?

Although your pet is the one receiving massage therapy, attending these sessions will empower and support you as you walk this path with your beloved dog. So, let’s learn more about the “YOU” in Dog Massages For Dogs and You.

Your dog will experience relief when you bring your dog in for a massage, thanks to your love and commitment to them. Making such an act of care and kindness for your pet and leaning on me for my guidance, expertise and support, you will find solace in it as well. Plus, a calmer, more balanced YOU, allows you to give better care and provides a more relaxed environment for your dog.

We love our animals. They are family. Of course we don’t want to see them in pain or discomfort, and sometimes we can feel helpless. Attending a dog massage session provides your dog with comfort and YOU with support and relief as you see your pet respond positively and experience some relaxation.

During a massage session, I will also discuss care and wellness plans, supplements that may be helpful, and nutrition with you so that you are equipped with all the knowledge and tools you need to make an educated decision about your pet’s care.

There’s More

I completely understand the love you have for your dog. I understand loss and pain and the challenges that present themselves as your precious animal companion friend starts to show you that their time here is limited.  I’m here to listen and be a sympathetic ear and sounding board. I can help you communicate more clearly with your pet as the end nears, and when the time comes to say goodbye, I am here to hold your hand and help you through the grief and the pain. These sessions are your safe place to share your worries, concerns, questions, fears, and thoughts.

For more information about dog or horse massage, senior and hospice support for your dog, or any other support you need to care for your pet, contact Animal Intuition for an appointment. You may also enjoy reading about how Animal Intuition got started.


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