Connecting with Your Horse

I wonder what the horse world would be like if we shifted our thinking about the way we connect with them, if we formed a relationship with them that is both give and take on a deeper emotional level, being mindful and intentional about the time we spend with them. More than that just keeping them safe and feeding them as our “give” or rewarding them with a gentle pat on the neck or horse treats. These are wonderful things and I know that most people love their horses dearly and want the best for them. Sometimes though, do you think our goals and personal aspirations for them divert us from what truly matters the most; our love for them?

When there are challenges, often we blame the horse or we just don’t know how to break through to them. We want certain things from them – to perform a task, be easy to handle, win a ribbon, be a great trail horse, load willingly, stand quietly for the farrier, to be loyal to us ….the list goes on and on.  While we want to connect with them, I wonder how different it would look when we set our goals, if we considered their wants and needs too. We ask of them constantly and expect a lot from them for our personal gain. We want them to behave in a specific way, perform, and be obedient. We want the abused horse to learn to trust, the foal to be friendly, the horse to adjust to his new setting as the physical move takes place, a mare to move on with grace once her baby is weaned, but do we give them space and time to feel the emotions that conjure up for them, for them to be able to process and release them? Do we provide a safe and comfortable space that allows them the freedom and time they need? Do we listen to them so we can help them not only live, but thrive? If we did these things consciously and routinely, would result in a stronger bond, mutual respect and  loyalty between human and horse? I think so…

So, how do we shift our thinking and our own behavior? Become more sensitive to the horse and their needs and wants? In working with horses and their people, I have no doubt that as a whole, we want the best for them. We want them to feel good, to have a great life and we do things to make that happen through a “human” perspective. What about looking at it through the horse’s perspective? Aside from intuitive animal communication sessions, sometimes people ask me how they can better relate to their horse. It doesn’t necessarily come out in conversation this way, but the underlying need is the same. So, I ask, have you ever thought about meditating with your horse? It starts with u and it starts with our willingness to connect with them. There’s so much more to it, but this offers a new way to go about learning through their viewpoint. Being deliberate about connecting with our horse emotionally can deepen our bond and strengthen our relationship on many levels. It’s a way to let our guard down and invite them to do the same. It can be powerful and inspiring.

Reasons to meditate with your horse:

  • Earn trust or develop a better connection to your horse
  • Focus on the time you have with your horse
  • Let your horse know that you are thinking about them
  • Create a calm & safe space emotionally between you and your horse
  • Start off your ride with peace of mind
  • Behavior modification
  • Understanding them better

To meditate, all you need is a horse that you want to get closer with and the desire to develop a more meaningful relationship. Whatever the reason, even a short guided meditation will give you the focus to connect and bond with your horse. You will clear your mind and body of distractions and be able to be fully present during the time you spend with your horse.  Sometimes life is so busy that we have a hard  time letting go of all the chaos around us. Clearing and calming changes our vibration and frequency that we emit. It lifts us up and opens us up to healing, comfort and positive experiences.

Listening to a guided meditation like, Connecting With Your Horse, is an easy way to clear out distractions and noise from the day and be present with your horse. You can choose to be near or far from your companion; either will work depending on your intention. Whether it’s the calming voice, the horse language used, or the repetition leading to slow breaths and relaxed minds and bodies, there is no better way to start a day. Creating a bonded partnership with another species, especially that of a majestic horse, can be profound and compelling on so many levels. Perhaps you’ll find a new sense of being around your horse, a level of closeness you may not have experienced yet and a new path to explore together.

With just a few minutes and an open mind needed to listen; to connect with your horse, to just breathe, relax your mind and think only of you and your horse, to forget your worries of the day or any chores that are lined up in a seemingly unending list. To be quiet. Use your senses. Let go of stress. I take in all that there is to offer – your horses smell, listening to his breath, look into his eyes, send loving healing energy to him and to surround you both. When meditating with our horse, it can be quite an uplifting time that we cherish and reflect on later to bring us back to a place of peace and serenity.

Like other meditations, Connecting With Your Horse, is similar in guiding you through breathing patterns and has a relaxing voice giving slow instructions, yet this meditation focuses on thoughts connecting and bonding to your horse. Calming yourself while making your horse more comfortable and more likely to listen to you and you her.

You can find this wonderful guided meditation, Connect with Your Horse, right on Animal Intuition‘s website. All it takes is a download and then it is yours to listen to as many times as you want. I encourage you to download it to your phone so you have it with you wherever you go and whenever you’re inspired to use it. Just this small amount of time out of your day to sit, listen, and connect with your horse in a new way can open up so many possibilities.


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