CBD Oil For Pets FAQs

CBD Oil For Pets FAQs

CBD Oil For Pets FAQ

This CBD Oil for pets FAQ – frequently asked questions -is written to give you answers to the most common questions about using CBD Oil with your pets. CBD products for pets have gained popularity since the 2018 Farm Bill Act, legalizing the manufacturing and use of cannabidoil products. A whole new market emerged to support our pets. This is awesome, AND also, it can be overwhelming to wade through all the information, brands and product variations to figure out what is best for your pet.  I’ve put together a list of the most common questions about CBD Oil for Pets, hoping to simplify and consolidate it for you.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD stands for Cannabidiol. This is a compound found in the cannabis sativa plant, better known as hemp plant. Cannabis sativa has countless compounds, including CBD. The cannabis sativa plant that is used to formulate pet CBD oils contains .3% or less THC(tetrahydrocannabinol).* The THC is the psychoactive component that creates the “high” feeling and comes from the marijuana plant, a different plant than the hemp (cannabis sativa) plant.

CBD oil is a natural supplement for dogs and cats that is frequently used by those preferring to use a  holistic healing approach for their pets.

* As of 2023, 23 states in the United States of America have legalized the manufacturing and sale of cannabis with THC (marijuana). Here’s a link to the Minnesota Office of Cannabis Management. Please look at your labels closely and know who you are buying your CBD oil products from to unsure your pet’s safety. Again, none of our products are made with THC.

IS CBD Oil safe for my pets?

As a blanket statement, yes, hemp derived CBD oil products formulated for pets are safe for your cats and dogs.  This is a pet supplement, and like anything that you apply on or have your pet ingest, make sure it is conducive for their body’s needs, tolerance and situation.

What is CBD Oil used for with pets?

There are many uses for CBD oil with your pets, such as anxiety, arthritis, seizures and cancer. It’s great for pain management, inflammation, stress, calming and balancing your pet’s nervous system. There’s a more detailed descriptions and information on our CBD Oil for Pets 101 blog, so hop on over to that for more information.

Cornell University of Veterinary Medicine did a study involving CBD an dogs So, for those that enjoy science backing of products, you can read their case study. In summary, more than 80% of the dogs with osteoarthritis experienced a decrease in pain, which lead to the dog being more comfortable and active.

Can I Give My Dog or Cat Human CBD Oil?

As an overall disclaimer, I would strongly suggest choosing a CBD oil formulated specifically for your pet.  The strength and dosage amounts are different and often times the products made for humans contain additional ingredients that may be harmful or poisonous to your pet.

Choosing a pet safe, veterinarian formulated, organic CBD oil for your pet will ensure you have the best option available to help your pet with his or her health goals. Super Snouts Hemp Company is one of the first to come out with products that cover all these criteria. They have a powerful, experienced and trained team of professionals that worked diligently to prepare options for our pets once the laws changed to allow hemp based products.

Will my pet get “high” from CBD Oil?

No, your pet will not get “high” or feel psychedelic responses from a CBD Oil made from hemp with no THC.  This is a different plant than the marijuana plant. Read your labels carefully and ensure you are purchasing a reputable product that is made specifically for pets and does not contain THC.

The laws have been changed in 2023, legalizing cannabis in Minnesota (the 23rd state to do so in the USA) and the use of marijuana / THC.  This law could change the manufacturing of some products and will make it more accessible. Reading labels and making sure you are diligent about what you select for your loved animal companion will be critical.

What Forms Do CBD Oil Come In?

CBD products are available in several different forms: CBD Oil, CBD chews, CBD Gel Caps. Our CBD chews are mixed with other supplements that enhance the desired outcome and help you reach your goals with your pets. For instances, the most popular chew formula is called Chill Out, which combines other ingredients such as chamomile, passion flower and l-tryptophan to help your dog relax during stressful times. There are also treats and supplements that now contain CBD Oil. There’s a video I posted on Facebook that goes over each of these options that you can also view at your convenience.

Most of the products are formulated based on strength – so that is why, for example, you see “Phyto150 / 300 /600” – on the Super Snouts Hemp products that we carry – it means parts per milligram. The higher the number, the stronger the formula.  Smaller pets and those with mild issues, can use the lighter options where as larger dogs and those with chronic and/or more challenging conditions would benefit from using the stronger dosages.

How Do I Administer CBD Oil to My Pet?

I feel the CBD oil in oil form is the easiest and most versatile option, but everyone is different and every dog and cat are also unique in their needs and tolerances. The optimal way for administration is to get it right onto your pet’s gum tissue for fast absorption and effectiveness.  If this is too difficult, you can also add onto a treat or into food for ingestion.  And if your pet’s super sniffer won’t be fooled by sneaking it into their eatables, you also choose to apply topically to the fleshy parts of their ears. (Avoid getting down their ear canal.) This last method tends to work especially well for picky eaters and cats.

Chews and gel caps can be given just like treats, stuffed inside pill pockets, added as a topper to food or pilled.

You know your pet best, so choose the option you think will work the easiest for you both.

How Often Can I Give CBD Oil To My Pet?

The instructions should be on the bottles and containers of the product you choose. If you have a product that does not contain instructions, I’d recommend reaching out to the manufacturer or the place of purchase.

The products we carry are typically designed to be given every 8-12 hours, depending on your pet’s needs. They’re best given right before a meal or with some food.

The great thing about CBD type products is that they can be given regularly for chronic issues or as needed for acute issues such as injury / surgery recovery, anxiety (think thunderstorms).   It is helpful for the product to build up and stay in your pet’s system for chronic conditions. Pain management, chronic anxiety and age related diseases would all be examples of when to use longer term.

Again, I will encourage you to read the label and instructions provided on the product you purchased. There are so many brands and options out there now, you really need to look at what you have and how it is formulated. There’s not one size fits all.

How long does CBD Oil take to work in pets?

In most cases, CBD Oil will be absorbed into your cat or dog’s system and take effect within 30 minutes. This can vary based on your individual pet’s health and metabolism.

How many hours does CBD oil last in dogs and cats?

Similarly to the above question, how long the CBD oil will last in your pet’s system will be dependent on their health and metabolism.  Typically, plan on eight to 12 hours for the CBD oil to remain effective. Trace amounts can stay in your cat or dog’s system for a couple weeks, but at these levels, it is considered ineffective.

What’s better; Isolate or Broad Spectrum?

Animal Intuition offers both Isolate and Broad Spectrum and it really boils down to a personal preference. I can share that most of my clients opt for the broad spectrum CBD oil, as do I.  The broad spectrum CBD oil is hemp derived products in conjunction what all other naturally occurring phytonutrients.  The isolate extracts the single phyto compound.

Can I give my pet CBD oil sporadically?

Yes, you can give your pet CBD oil sporadically, as needed as a situation arises.  Many pets have situational anxiety for things like thunderstorms, changes in their environment or get injured and need support recovering.  These would be times when it could be helpful to use in the short term.

Can I Give CBD Oil to my pet With Prescription Medicine?

As a common sense response, I’ll say, “check with your veterinarian” that is providing care for the pet you would like to give CBD oil to before administering it if he or she is on any prescription medications.

For those of you that have already tried this route and not gotten answers, I know it can be frustrating. And of course you want to do right by your pet. Don’t blame your vet though. Remember, hemp based products were only legalized in 2018. While studies and medical research regarding the use of hemp / CBD oil have been going on long before this time, there’s not a lot of public history and studies to give veterinarians the proof they need and want to comfortably give you answers and make sure it is a safe combination. In addition, they also have to protect themselves from liability and hold up their oath as a doctor of veterinarian medicine.

Common pharmaceuticals such as carprofen and gabapentin have been used successfully with my own pets. Also, many of my client’s pets that I see for dog massage, Reiki, animal communication and Emily’s Path Pet Hospice Program. I was able to use CBD Oil on my cats, who were both on medication for hyperthyroidism.  This said, by no means giving you the green light to use a CBD oil supplement with any given pharmaceutical for your pet. I’m just sharing my experiences to help you navigate through your questions. It’s to help give you some assurance that CBD oil can be used safely and effectively in conjunction with pharmaceuticals in some cases.

Remember, each animal is unique as are their circumstances. Their tolerances, allergies, metabolism, internal organ function, immune system strength and overall health.  So, even if I have experiences to share that animals have successfully used CBD oil in conjunction with medication, it is best to check with your veterinarian. Then you can make a choice based on the information you have gathered.

What side effects do I look for in case of adverse reaction or over dose?

If your cat or dog ingests too much CBD or is having a negative reaction, these are some symptoms to watch for, according to Pet MD:

  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Restlessness
  • Slow / Fast heart rate
  • Rapid breathing
  • Pale gums or other mucus membranes

As with any product, medication or food including CBD oil, if your pet is experiencing any of these signs or showing unusual behavior, contact your veterinarian.

I hope this CBD Oil for Pets FAQ was informative and helpful. If you have other questions not answered here, feel free to reach out to us directly to inquire further.

Disclaimer: Information provided here is meant for educational purposes only and designed to be a health aid to pet parents. It is not a substitute for veterinarian care . Animal Intuition does not claim these products cure, treat or diagnose your pet. Please consult your veterinarian for professional diagnosis and treatment plans.


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