Animal Communication Testimonial

Animal Communication, A Testimonial

Comfy Bulldogs!

I recently received a beautiful testimonial about animal communication and how powerful it can be to every family member. As I read through the message, tears welled in my eyes. I knew how monumental the changes that occurred were for everyone and how helpful it was for these dogs’ person to understand them better. If you’re at all an animal lover and can sympathize with a sometimes challenging situation with your own animal companions, then get your tissue ready!

About The Session

Melissa says, “I brought my two rescue American Bulldogs to Animal Intuition for an animal communication session. I wanted to get an idea of their backgrounds. And to learn how I can better interact with them to improve their behaviors. Also, to enhance our relationship and bond between all of us. I was completely unsure of what to expect as this was all very new to me. So, I didn’t know how or if this worked! In the end, I left our session with some incredibly accurate and valuable information. Which has already improved my interactions with both dogs and I know our session played a huge role in some recent successes I’ve had with my fur-babies. Jenny was able to connect with both my dogs and she hit the nail on the head with some of their history and how those experiences still affect them today. This has changed the way I interact, train and work with both of them.

Lasting Impact

A few days after our session, I was in the elevator with my normally highly reactive dog. As I felt the elevator slowing, I heard a dog on the other side, as did my dog. I prepared for a melt-down of epic proportions! Despite the year and a half of solid training and practice. The fear of a disaster of a situation felt inevitable. Instead, I tried Jenny’s suggestion for what she knew he needed. I imagined him not reacting and I verbally reminded him that “you can do it, buddy”! And to my shock, the elevator doors opened and there was no melt down. Just a little whining and a few nervous/excited glances from me to the other dog. It was the first time he has not seriously reacted when being caught off guard by a dog. Jenny’s insight into what he knew training wise, what he can handle and the type of interaction that he needs to succeed, helped us have a great success.

I’ve also made great strides with my female who came from a very rough background and was aloof and just sad a lot of the time, which was hard to see. Jenny was able to connect with her and relay to me what she needed from me in order to continue to feel safe and secure and “part of the family”. I worked with her in a whole new way after hearing this and soon enough, I noticed changes. She was more excited to see me when I got home and wanting to sit by me and be close, which was very new behavior for her.  About a month after using Jenny’s tips/suggestions, my girl’s daycare provider commented to me that she noticed my dog was noticeably more confident, is coming more out of her shell and seems overall happier! That made my day.

Healing & Supporting

Our session overall gave me better insight into not only what my dogs have gone through but has helped me. Now, I understand the type of interaction and training techniques that will work best for each of them. This has helped us bond further and have more successful interactions.

Thanks to Jenny for all her help, it has made a big difference for our family.

Melissa D., St. Paul, MN

Animal communication, a testimonial.

PS: Years later, Melissa wrote a children’s book about her dogs. You can check it out!

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