Essential Oils Heal and Prevent Dogs From Licking

Bandages Taken Off Winston.

Surgical Incision Exposed

Winston, our foster dog, recently had surgery on his knee to repair a torn ACL and luxating patella. The now exposed incision makes for an easy target for lapping and licking his wound, which could cause infection. While one might consider using a cone, Winston is a determined dog that clearly let us know that was not an option. After some creative discussions among fellow members of the dog community, we came up with the idea to apply therapeutic-grade essential oils to the wound. Because it is a surgical incision, fresh within a couple of days, I chose not to apply the oils directly on the wound, but around it. Choosing essential oils such as lavender and lemongrass because these help soothe the skin and rebuild tissue. Alternatively, applying Panaway helps with pain and inflammation. Rotating these oils not only help with Winston’s recovery but also prevent him from licking his wounds. Dogs typically do not like the smell of lavender, so this essential oil in particular really works well. Dual purpose for the essential oils and a work-around for a dog that doesn’t like to wear a cone (I know, NO dog likes to wear a cone, but some will tolerate it) to help prevent breaking the wound open or causing infection. These things are importantĀ for the dog to heal properly.