Lavender Essential Oil: Use with Cats, Dogs & Horses

Lavender Fields

Did you know that lavender essential oil is one of the most versatile essential oils and can be used for a variety of things ranging from soothing sunburn to calming nerves? Therapeutic-grade lavender from Young Living is the only brand recommended for usage with animals as it is 100% wild crafted, organic and all natural. There are no fillers, chemicals, additives, synthetics or toxins mixed in – the essential oil is pure oil, distilled directly from the lavender plant.

Make a Flora-Spray
Put 10 – 20 drops of essential oil in an 8 oz. spray bottle filled with water. Shake before use.
• Sprits cat or dog bed/blanket to help calm an anxious animal. Use for separation anxiety, calming to sleep, transporting and to help in any transitions (i.e. moving, adding another family member).
• Use on dry, itchy skin, spraying liberally on dry patches or over entire body. This applies to dogs, horses & you can even use it on yourself after getting out of the shower. Winter months are particularly hard on our skin and often dry it out. Lavender is very soothing to the skin and also helps regenerate healthy skin cells.
• Spray lightly in kennel, horse trailer, stall or other area where an anxious dog or horse may be confined to help soothe their nerves.

Apply Directly on Animal
• The best places to apply on a cat, dog or horse when anxious or nervous to help soothe them are behind the ears and tips of ears (NOT in the ear canal).
• Also, put a drop or two inside of collar or halter. This will absorb into skin and help the scent permeate in the air longer.
• Any oil remaining in hand can be rubbed together between your palms and spread down the animal’s spine.

Other Uses
• Apply to minor cuts and wounds to help heal. Lavender essential oil helps regenerate skin cells and prevent scaring.
• To alleviate pain & scaring, apply to sunburn & burns, rashes and skin irritations. This can be done using a flora water or applied direct without dilution.
• Put a drop or two on a cotton ball and place in tack storage lockers and bins, trailers or other areas you want to repel moths and insects. Peppermint essential oil is another option or can be used in combination with the lavender essential oil.
• Are you nervous or anxious? Rub on the bottom of your feet, along your neck or on your pillow to help you sleep.
• Help relieve itching from allergies or skin irritations. Apply direct on location (i.e. between paw pads or on hot spots)

Hints to Help Your Animal Succeed
• Remember, less is better, start with a small amount and add more if needed. Once you add the essential oil, you cannot take it away as it absorbs into the body, down the cellular level.
• Never put essential oils directly into eye or ear canal. Around the lobe, outside of ear or cartilage around ear is permissible, but not into the ear canal itself. This could be very painful.
• Create a positive association with the lavender when using to relieve stress and anxiety. In addition to the chemical reaction triggered by the brain to release endorphins, you can use the power of association to make a stronger impact. Use when the animal feels safe and in a comfortable environment before using during a stressful situation, such as separation, trailering or entering the show ring.
• Diffusing it is also an option to create a calming environment.
• This information only applies to using Young Living therapeutic-grade essential oil. It is safe an non-toxic for animals including cats, dogs and horses.

For more information about how to use or order and use Young Living’s therapeutic-grade essential oils, contact Animal Intuition.