Vital Essentials Raw – What Our Dogs & Cats Think at Animal Intuition!

Our resident dogs of Animal Intuition, Bodi & Emily, got to try a bag of the Turkey Vital Essentials Purely Raw from Solid Gold Northland Health Food Products. And our cats, Rufus and Yazhi, got to weigh in their opinions on the Fish Vital Essentials Purely Raw. Not only are they our test subjects for trying essential oils, massage techniques and other healing modalities, they get to be the lucky cats and dogs that try new foods and give their feedback on what they think.

The Vital Essentials Purely Raw food is raw freeze dried turkey that contains 45% organ meet. Ingredients: Ground turkey with bone,
turkey heart, turkey liver, herring oil, mixed tochopherois and d-alpha tocopherol (last two ingredients are antioxidant compounds that makes up vitamin E). Also, it has no grains, antibiotics or hormones. Just based on the ingredients and how it was made, makes us like it already because we understand that nutrition is a crucial piece of a dog’s well-being.  It stores easy, coming in re-sealable plastic bags that can be stored at room temperature. This will come in handy when traveling with our dogs, especially when camping!

Instead of feeding it as a whole meal to the dogs, we added it to their regular food as a supplement. Water is always added to their food to give them extra hydration and because both dogs gulp their food down as if it’s their first meal in days. The water slows down that process and limits the risk of them choking.  So, adding water to re-hydrate the freeze dried food was not an extra step for us. The dogs are not very patient once their meals are being prepared so there was no waiting. They loved the food and it didn’t seem to matter to them that the Vital Essentials Purely Raw food was not fully hydrated by the time they ate.  After their meals, both dogs licked their bowls clean, as some of the raw freeze dried food was stuck against the side…but not for long!

For the cats, Rufus & Yazhi we also added the Fish Vital Essentials Purely Raw to their food as a supplement.  The cats loved it!   We were able to re-hydrate it better before serving it to the cats than when we fed it to the dogs. Adding water to the cats’ meals is important too, again, this was not an extra step for us.  These two felines can be quite particular about their food. When they switched over to a raw diet years ago, Yazhi took two days before she would eat. Yep, two days before she decided raw chicken was eatable. This time, the cats, didn’t hesitate and jumped right in.

If you would like to have a chance for your cats or dogs to try either the Vital Essentials Purely Raw from Solid Gold Northland
Heath Food Products, make sure to visit our Facebook page: We’ll be doing some sort of give-away soon!