The Missing Link Pet Kelp Probiotic


The Missing Link Pet Kelp Probiotic

Ensure your dog gets the digestive and immune system support he needs with The Missing Link Pet Kelp Probiotic Formula for canine friends. Just one daily spoonful of beneficial bacteria will add essential vitamins and minerals to support your dog’s overall health. The key ingredient in this supplement is Nova Scotia kelp, chosen for its trace minerals, which function to regulate energy and aid in digestion as well as support the immune system, skin and bone systems. The limited-ingredient superfood supplement is packed with the natural goodness of kelp, inulin, organic pumpkin and flaxseed. Keep your dog healthy and regular with this easy to feed supplement.

Key Benefits

  • Organic ingredients work to support digestive tract health and provides immune system support.
  • 70 different minerals and vitamins from ocean kelp help support gastrointestinal health.
  • Includes essential minerals, amino acids and micro nutrients for overall heath.
  • Easy to feed, this supplement can be combined with food or mixed with water.
  • Formulated for puppies, adult and senior dogs to improve health.

8 oz package


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