PowAir Urine & Odor Remover


PowAir Urine & Odor Remover Spray

PowAir Pet is a proprietary blend of 40 natural essential oils and high performance enzymes that eliminates odors and breaks down pet stains including, urine, feces, vomit, skunk pheromones that are trapped in carpets, fabrics, floors or upholstery.

Commonly used on:

  • Pet stains
  • Area rungs
  • Dog beds
  • Crate pads
  • Carpet
  • Vehicle floors and upholstery
  • Cat Trees

Freshen up those hard to clean areas that hold onto nasty pet odors using this phenomenal PowAir Pet Urine & Odor Remover.

Contains: water, live bacteria cultures, essential oils, polysorbate 20.

Size: Spray 16 oz

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