Karma Stacks Pet Parent Bracelet



Now Taking Pre-ORDERS!  Orders expect to start shipping the second week in November!

Animal Intuition and Karma Stacks teamed up to offer you this exclusive Karma Stacks bracelet, made just for all the pet parents and animal lovers out there. The stones were thoughtfully chosen to help provide healing and comfort to you as you journey through different chapters of life with your beloved pet. We’ve even included a metal paw charm to signify the love you share.

Arfvedsonite – A stone with some movement of slightly varying colors of black and subtle flecks of natural shimmer.

For positive thoughts. Helps to drain out negative thoughts and encourages you to feel happiness.  So, whether you have a pet with special needs, medical issues, recovering from an injury, one in their geriatric years or a competing athlete, it can cause extra stress and be an emotional time with many ups and downs. Having arfvedsonite wrapped around your wrist can help keep the positive vibes coming and deflect negativity.

This beautiful gemstone bracelet has a Boho-Glam flare, making it timeless and trendy at the same time. It’s easy to wear with any outfit; dressing up or keeping it casual.  Treat yourself now! They also make fabulous gifts in all seasons for animal lovers. What better way to show you care than finding something meaningful and unique?

Amazonite – A green mineral that varies in colors of bluish green and can be pale to vivid.

For empowerment. A calming stone that encourages success, courage and prosperity.  The beautiful amazonite nugget will radiate soothing vibes during times of stress while helping light your path to achieve your goals with your pet.

Dalmatian Jasper – An opaque creamy base with base with spots of rich dark browns and blacks. It only seems appropriate to include a splash of color from a stone named after a dog.

For grounding energy. A nurturing stone that brings balance, vitality and confidence.  Everyone needs a little accent of jasper in their life, no matter what stage and chapter you’re in with your animal companions.

You can only get this design through Animal Intuition, part of our exclusive products we offer.

  • Each and every stone is unique and may contain slight irregularities in size, shape and color.
  • Bracelets are stretchy and between 7-7.5 inches in length.
  • Stone meanings are included in each order.

Karma Stacks has a whole line of bracelets and necklaces for women, children and men. Check out their shop in Victoria, MN or visit them online.