Dog & Horse Massage Therapy

We are dedicated to providing the finest healing therapy for your dogs and horses.

Choosing Massage for your dog or horse will help maintain their health, address issues naturally, manage pain and optimize their performance and disposition. Pet massage is especially comforting during their golden years and when in hospice.

Animal Intuition works with you to define goals and make sure your animal companions get the individual care they need using a selection of therapeutic options.

Both canine and equine massage therapy includes the use of a variety of massage techniques, including trigger-point therapy. Additional services can be incorporated in such as, Reiki, aromatherapy using Young Living therapeutic-grade essential oils, acupressure and stretching exercises to provide a unique and beneficial experience for your dog or horse.

Animal Intuition is certified to provide therapeutic sports massages for cats, dogs and horses, serving Minnesota and Wisconsin.*

Why Massage Therapy?

A dog and horse will benefit from massage in many of the same ways we do as humans. Canine and equine athletes performing to their limits, those that have had injuries or illness, under stress or tension and elderly horses can all gain from the experience of a therapeutic canine or equine massage. The best practice is to incorporate a preventative maintenance schedule to help avoid injuries, but a dog or horse can be treated after an injury has occurred to expedite the recovery process.

Health Benefits

  • Improves circulation and promotes healing of injuries
  • Relieves muscle spasms
  • Secretes toxins 
  • Lubricates joints and can help ease arthritis
  • Reduces stress and tension
  • Increases range of motion
  • Enhances muscle tone
  • Promotes positive disposition
  • Increases mental clarity required for training/performance
Massage during Canine or Equine Injuries

Many times, when a dog or horse gets injured is exactly when and why people contact their canine/equine massage therapists.

Massage therapy can help expedite the healing of an injury in many cases. However, there are times when massage is not a good fit and could cause additional pain and suffering. A knowledgeable and experienced equine massage therapist should be able to guide you and help determine the best course of complimentary care based on your veterinarian’s diagnosis and your dog or horse’s condition. Learn more about when and when not to have your dog or horse massaged.


Preparing for an Equine Massage

It is best to perform an equine massage when your horse is relaxed and in a clean and comfortable environment. Scheduling when commotion is high or during normal feeding schedules can be distracting and the horse may not realize the full benefit of the experience. Another horse can be brought into the barn as a partner to help if your horse does not like being alone, but it is not necessary.  

Please review the guidelines below to help get the most out of your therapeutic equine sports massage. Please feel free to contact Animal Intuition prior to the appointment if you have any questions or concerns about the preparation for the massage or what will happen during the session.

Preparation Guidelines

  • Your horse should be inside and groomed for the appointment.
  • A box stall or quiet area of the barn should be used for the massage.
  • If your horse is anxious or high strung, lightly work on a longe line prior to the appointment. 
  • The horse should be cooled down, dry and relaxed by the time of the appointment.
Forever Loved

Service Areas

We service most of the Twin Cities and outlying suburbs in Minnesota as well as western Wisconsin. We have offices in Edina and Ham Lake where we provide healing and bodywork services, including massage. Mobile services are available as well.

We concentrate our canine massage in the following cities:

  • Edina
  • Minnetonka
  • Wayzata
  • Eden Prairie
  • Hopkins
  • St. Louis Park
  • Minneapolis
In addition to those cities we also provide equine massage to the following cities:
  • Lakeville
  • Prior Lake
  • Savage
  • Farmington
  • Northfield
  • Ham Lake
  • Blaine
  • Andover
  • Coon Rapids

More Information

About Equine and Canine Massage

"Thank you for massaging our Pentathlon horse, Reign of Power in May. She was really good for me that evening and probably the best she's been in about five months. Since then (it's now July), we cleared a 3'-0" jump for the first time!! She's very eager to jump and her cantering has been very smooth. She's even been long and low with her neck, which wasn't evident over the winter.

I'm amazed at the difference just one massage has made for her physical well-being and her ability to stay focused. Thank you again!"

Todd J. McIntyre, Great Prairie Sports, Minneapolis, MN