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Category: Horse Massage

Caring for A Senior Pet – The Last Chapter

Hospice Care for Pets I have started to write about a very emotional and sensitive topic it seems a 100 times over – senior pet care…. but I have yet to get out the right words, to connect in a “blog” on such a personal level, that you hear me and you understand that I am […]

Equine Massage Helps in Horse’s Recovery

Animal’s Name: Rockin’ Ravi Barn Name: Ravi Breed: Holsteiner           Age: 13 Discipline: Hunter / Eventing Ravi’s Person: Karen Karen and Ravi have been a team for the last four years and started competing about a year later in hunter and eventing. While they love competing, their biggest goal and achievement is about their personal relationship […]

Arabian Horse, Bourbin, Gets Massages to Keep Him Vibrant

Animal’s Name: Bourbin Registered Name: VDF Bourbin Disciplines: English & Western School Horse Breed: Arabian,  Age: 27 Here’s Bourbin’s story, written by his person, Pam. Bourbin was born and raised at the Ames Farms in Jordan; Cedar Ridge Arabians. He was in training to do park walking and trotting but became one of their school […]

Raindrop Technique for Dogs & Horses

Out of the Box Thinking on Supplementation Many of us think of taking a pill when we hear the word “supplement”, but they don’t have to come in the form of a pill. There are other options such as, tea, essential oils and herbs. Therapeutic-grade essential oils can be added to a dog or horse’s […]

Animal Intuition: How We Started…

So, it occurred to me today that I’ve been in business for 10 years. OK, really it was the technology that tracks my work anniversaries that sent me a notification. You would think that 10 years is a big milestone and I would have it memorized. Well, it IS a big deal, but I don’t […]

Top 10 Reasons To Get Your Dog or Horse Massaged

10. Reward Many look at massage  as a luxury, reward or something to do for fun. While this is true, no matter what the reason, there are health benefits. So, if you want to reward your dog or horse for a job well done, completing a season, hitting a milestone or just for being your […]